Starting an online finance business in the UK: Everything you need to know about compliance

With Matt Williamson, Head of Fintech, and Sophie Long, Director of Sales, at Thistle - a UK compliance Specialists

Are you an established business or a start-up looking to enter into the regulated financial market in the UK?

Expanding your offering or just starting with an innovative and exciting business proposition that will disrupt the world of finance?

This webinar will provide actionable tips on how to understand and navigate a complex legal and regulatory framework in the UK.

We joined experts from Thistle, leading compliance authorities in the UK, to help you learn:

  • What do you need to start the financial business and/or product in the UK
  • How to determine if you need FCA authorization or not
  • What do you need for Direct Authorisation with the FCA
  • How to leverage Appointed Representative (AR) while dealing with the FCA
  • Best practices in compliance - consumer protection, financial crime protection, and effective governance arrangements

Learn how to start an FCA regulated business

Webinar Matt Williamson

Matthew Williamson

Head of Fintech at Thistle
  • Responsible for the oversight and management of Thistle Initiatives’ financial technology division
  • Worked with a large number of start-up businesses in the fintech space including loan, debt and equity based crowdfunding, electronic money and payment services operators and, more recently, cryptocurrency solutions for ICOs, exchanges and wider stakeholders
  • Responsible for all fintech direct authorisation applications supported by Thistle Initiatives
  • Management of a bank of directly authorised clients with varying fintech business models
Webinar Sophie Long

Sophie Long

Sales Director at Thistle
  • An experienced sales professional with over 10 years experience within financial services
  • Detailed understanding of ESMA & FCA regulation and the ability to apply this to the business requirements of Thistle clients
  • Working knowledge of different types of firms supervised and potentially supervised by Thistle and RCL including but not limited to, insurance, financial advice, Peer 2 Peer lending, Crowdfunding, AIFMD, Private Equity
  • Specific understanding/knowledge of the rules surrounding retail brokerage/fintech/insurance/P2P