Close Deals Faster with DealFlow Institutional

Reduce errors, streamline deal closings, and improve the investor experience by allowing institutions to receive allotments in real-time and to make sub-allocations to subscribers with DealFlow Institutional.


Institutional-focused investment dealers face delays in closing new issues when using legacy systems such as emails and spreadsheets to manage investor participation. With DealFlow Institutional, ECM teams can leverage tools that provide instantaneous sub-allocation, deal tracking and secure document tracking.

DealFlow Institutional - collaborative tools

Collaborative Tools

Achieve true collaboration between institutional sales and ECM desks by providing a single platform for all parties to access deal information, eliminating issues around multiple copies of spreadsheets and security vulnerabilities. 

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Deal Visibility

Dashboards provide ECM teams real-time visibility into individual institutional investors’ progress through the deal workflow. Icons and flags illustrate the status of each participant, removing the need to chase people by phone or email.

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Reduced Regulatory Risk

Accessing documents through DealFlow’s secure document vault rather than email attachments, network drives, or hard drives enables firms to maintain documents in an orderly fashion, making it easier to audit for compliance reviews.

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Performance Analysis

By using a central data center rather than multiple spreadsheets, ECM teams can quickly and easily access data to report on the performance of deals and activities of investors. These insights can help executives to identify upcoming trends faster and be more responsive to clients.

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Improved Investor Experience

Elevate the investor experience by reducing the effort to complete subscription agreements and enabling investors to access a repository of completed deals.

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Empower Institutional Sales Reps

By providing a suite of cutting-edge tools to Institutional Sales teams, firms increase their ability to attract and retain talent and the books of business they can bring into a firm. 

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empower sales rep

Product Features

intelligent_logic_iconIntelligent Business Logic

Automate key processes with smart business logic that improves investor interaction.

user_iconUser Roles

Provide controlled access to relevant deals and allocations for investors and subscribers.

“configurableConfigurable Forms

Enable effortless data collection with smart forms configured to align with each dealer’s requirements.


Digital platform built on AWS infrastructure offering reliability with 99.9% uptime, ensuring 24/7 availability.

secure document iconSecure Document Distribution

Tracking to ensure investor and subscriber interactions with documents are visible in the dashboard and provide an audit trail for compliance.

“E-signingE-Signing Solution

Integrated into workflows, ensuring secure document signing for investors and subscribers and batch downloads of completed documents.

DealFlow Central

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DealFlow Central is Katipult’s proprietary technology enabling connectivity between investment dealers, institutions and subscribers. When a dealer launches a new institutional deal, institutional participants can maintain subscriber details, sub-allocate their fill, and process subscription agreements electronically.

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The subscription agreements are auto-populated with subscribers’ key details, leaving minimal data entry for them and providing an easy-to-use e-signature experience.

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DealFlow Mesh

DealFlow Central also paves the way for DealFlow Mesh, which will power collaboration across investment dealers by delivering a cohesive and transparent network between equity capital markets teams, wealth management divisions, law firms and issuers.

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DealFlow Institutional Product Guide

Download the DealFlow Institutional product guide now to understand more about key benefits, features and functionality.

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Press Release

Read more about DealFlow Mesh, which will enable financing syndication automation across multiple investment dealers.

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