Technology for Hedge Fund Management.

Katipult DealFlow offers configurable hedge fund management tools to power fundraising, performance reporting and investor engagement. 

Benefits for Hedge Funds

Elevate your hedge fund's operational prowess with Katipult DealFlow. The platform gives fund managers data and insights to market and launch new funds and ensures that investor communication happens efficiently and effectively.

Dashboard - Dynamic decision making

Tools for Pipeline Management

Katipult DealFlow provides Hedge Funds with tools to engage with new and existing investors when marketing and launching new funds, while real-time reporting enables fund managers to track and manage fund participation progress.

Guided smart forms reduce document errors, making it easy to onboard new investors through DealFlow Accounts. Configurable dashboards provide visibility into pipeline performance, enabling managers to close deals with investors and LPs. 

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Automated Operational Excellence

Efficiency is the heartbeat of successful hedge fund operations, and our platform provides the rhythm. In addition to automating routine tasks, Katipult DealFlow drives operational excellence by standardizing workflows to reduce errors, ensure compliance, and accelerate document distribution.

Automation doesn't just save time; it elevates the entire operational landscape, reducing the margin for error and allowing hedge fund managers to focus on adding value and delivering returns.

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Configuration screen - automated operational excellence
Manage transactions - actionable insights

Detailed Reporting to Drive Actionable Insights

The demand for rich and detailed insights in the hedge fund industry is non-negotiable. Katipult DealFlow enables hedge fund managers to gain performance insights and customizable reports and dashboards.

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Enhanced Investor Relations

Beyond the complexities of financial management, hedge funds thrive on trust and communication. Our SaaS platform goes beyond transactional efficiency to enhance investor relations by providing investors with secure, mobile-friendly access to deal rooms, subscription agreements and more. 

By building trust and satisfaction with investors, hedge funds are committed to keeping stakeholders informed and engaged in the fund's performance and opportunities.

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Browse funds - investor relations

Katipult DealFlow Modules for Hedge Funds

DealFlow’s modular system enables us to deliver highly configurable software and solutions to suit each firm's needs.

DealFlow Instituional icon DealFlow Institutional

Enables the PPM distribution and allocation management for large institutional investors in private deals.

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DealFlow Marketing icon DealFlow Marketing

Enhanced investor CRM to distribute and track detailed deal information to individual and institutional investors securely.

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DealFlow Core icon DealFlow Core

The workflow engine to manage investor participation in private placements, Reg D or Reg S offerings, or Funds.

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DealFlow Accounts icon DealFlow Accounts

Delivers paperless account onboarding flows, enabling investors to create accounts quickly and easily.

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Katipult DealFlow is changing the way that capital is raised with efficient and streamlined workflows which enable deals to close in days, not weeks or months.

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