Elevate Your Investor's Experience.

Maximize the success of your investor onboarding strategies with digital tools to drive distribution and participation.

Superior Investment Engagement Solutions

Alternative Asset Managers can grow their capital networks and expand their investor base by delivering frictionless experiences and reducing the number of errors and issues. 

Katipult DealFlow is an award-winning platform that delights investors, enhancing their satisfaction and trust. Experience the future of alternative asset investing with Katipult DealFlow.

Benefits for Alternative Asset Managers

Katipult DealFlow allows Alternative Investment Managers to engage with investors faster by providing frictionless account openings to onboard faster and reduce the number of document errors.

Investor dashboard

Fast, Efficient Investor Experience

Our cutting-edge technology ensures a lightning-fast and efficient process and provides investors with a frictionless investment experience, on any device.

Thanks to our user-friendly platform, investors can effortlessly sign documents at their convenience, wherever they are. The future of alternative asset investing is here with Katipult DealFlow.

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Minimize Document Errors

Minimize document errors and streamline investor data capture with our innovative smart forms and digital signatures.

Katipult DealFlow is proven to reduce NIGO (Not In Good Order) documents by 98%. Our intelligent forms intuitively guide investors through the data input process, ensuring accurate and error-free submissions.

Combined with the security and convenience of digital signatures, our solution revolutionizes document management, saving time, money, and headaches.

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compliance screen

Stay on the Right Side of Compliance

Stay on the right side of compliance with our cutting-edge digital AML and KYC tools. Our advanced technology ensures that all necessary compliance and regulatory requirements are met and exceeded. 

With our secure document vault, compliance teams have seamless access to audit and review every document, guaranteeing complete transparency and accuracy. 

Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make staying on top of compliance obligations effortless.

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Enhance Investor Marketing Campaigns

Securely distribute detailed deal marketing information to curated groups of investors, enabling them to swiftly and seamlessly participate in investment opportunities. 

By disseminating investor marketing campaigns and associated investment materials in a rapid process, investors can make informed decisions without delays.
With our secure platform, investors can confidently access deal marketing materials from anywhere and on any of their devices.

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Katipult DealFlow Modules for Alternative Asset Managers

DealFlow’s modular system delivers a highly configurable platform to suit the needs of each Alternative Asset Management firm.

DealFlow Accounts icon DealFlow Accounts

Delivers paperless account onboarding flows, enabling investors to create accounts quickly and easily.

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DealFlow Core icon DealFlow Core

The workflow engine to manage investor participation in private placements, Reg D or Reg S offerings, or Funds.

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DealFlow Marketing icon DealFlow Marketing

Enhanced investor CRM to securely distribute and track detailed deal information to individual and institutional investors.

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DealFlow Institutional icon DealFlow Institutional

Enables the PPM distribution with allocation management for large institutional investors in private deals.

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Katipult DealFlow is changing the way that capital is raised with efficient and streamlined workflows which enable deals to close in days, not weeks or months.

Get answers to your unique questions, see the investment platform in action and discover why Katipult DealFlow is the right capital markets technology for your business.

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