Modernize Workflows with Katipult DealFlow

DealFlow Core provides investment dealers the premier platform to manage new issue financings. Maximize the volume and speed at which deals can be closed to introduce a competitive advantage amongst industry peers.


Investment firms can trust DealFlow Core to reduce risk and mitigate compliance issues by having documents in DealFlow’s secure document vault and not saved in unsecured emails, network drives or hard drives.

DealFlow Core Intelligent Workflows screenshot

Intelligent Workflows

DealFlow Core delivers seamless, intelligent workflows that are automated to reduce time and effort, delight investors and close deals faster.  This enables ECM teams to fill more deals without increasing headcount, driving improved profitably for investment firms.

Real-time Dashboards

Using DealFlow Core’s real-time dashboards, ECM teams can gain visibility into each deal’s progress without pulling manual reports from Excel sheets.  This enables teams to prioritize which investors to engage with to close deals.

DealFlow Core realtime dashboards
DealFlow Core investor experience screenshot

Investor Experience

By delivering a slicker, digital investor experience through DealFlow Core, including intuitive electronic signing, firms can retain and attract more Investment Advisors by providing improved tools to make it easier and quicker for investors to participate in deals.

Reporting and Analytics

Understanding the best-performing deal types and most engaged investor groups enables capital markets firms to hone and refine their business. Using DealFlow Core’s suite of reporting tools linked to a central data mart, teams can analyze performance faster than joining up multiple spreadsheets.

DealFlow Core reporting and analytics screenshot



Digital platform built on AWS infrastructure offering reliability with 99.9% uptime, ensuring confirmation of transactions.


User interface provides investors with an intuitive experience making it quick and easy to participate in new issues.

user_iconUser Roles

Provide stakeholders with appropriate permissions, providing compliance teams with detailed audit logs of users' activity and actions.

secure_document_iconSecure Document Distribution

Ensure investor interaction with subscription documents, prospectuses, PPMs, and other documents are visible in the dashboard.

configurable-branding_iconConfigurable Branding

White-label platform that enables investment firms to build trust with investors.

intelligent_logic_iconIntelligent Business Logic

Automate key processes, accelerate deal throughput and increase profitability.

esigning_iconE-signing Solution

Integrated into workflows to ensure secure document signing for investors and batch downloads of completed documents.

configurable_forms_iconConfigurable Forms

Enables data collection to be customized to align with each firm's requirements.


DealFlow Core Product Guide

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Case Study

See how DealFlow Core helped to drive a 98% reduction in errors and drove a 400% ROI for Canaccord Genuity.

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Powering the deal execution of leading organizations

Katipult helps investment dealers, wealth management firms, and banks simplify how private capital 
deals are executed

For TSX Trust, this new deal management platform represents an important, innovative solution designed to address client challenges in the private placement process.“
Raymond James selected Katipult to provide the software for a new online private placements platform to distribute alternative investment products offered by its Equity Capital Markets division across its financial advisor network. ”
In a constantly evolving space like private capital markets, if you merely maintain the status quo you’ll be left behind. Firms need to find new ways to provide investors and clients with a positive experience— and Katipult enables us to do that.”

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