Automated Investor Marketing

DealFlow Marketing is a fully automated investor marketing solution that streamlines the distribution of marketing materials, monitors investor interest, and secures investor commitments within a compliant and auditable workflow.


DealFlow Marketing revolutionizes how you engage with investors, ensuring a more efficient, compliant, and practical approach to marketing investment opportunities.

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Enhanced Investor Engagement

DealFlow Marketing empowers financial advisors to engage multiple investors throughout the investment journey, more effectively than contacting investors individually by phone and email.

Distribute teasers, presentations, and due diligence materials automatically, ensuring timely and precise information delivery. Automation and control create a seamless, trust-building experience, increasing commitment likelihood and ensuring compliance.

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Intelligent Marketing Workflows

DealFlow Marketing revolutionizes investor engagement with intelligent, automated workflows. This boosts efficiency, reduces manual tasks, and delights investors.

Moreover, Financial Advisors can engage with more clients, driving more interest and excitement about deals through agile, cost-effective marketing processes.

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Comprehensive Compliance & Control

DealFlow Marketing provides precise control over distributed materials, ensuring compliance and minimizing risk.

Auditable reports offer transparency for internal and external purposes, bolstering your firm's reputation and investor trust while streamlining the investment process.

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Reporting & Analytics

DealFlow Marketing reporting and analytics tools, linked to a central data mart, facilitate quick and effective performance analysis, eliminating the need for data assembly from multiple spreadsheets.

These insights refine marketing strategies, enhance business processes, and empower data-driven decision-making to stay competitive and adaptable in changing markets.

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Tools to empower investment firms to be efficient and compliant

Automated Distribution icon Automated Distribution

Distribute investment teasers, final presentations, and due diligence marketing collateral at multiple stages of the investor engagement process.

Compliance tracking icon Compliance Tracking

Monitor investor marketing materials to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

enhanced reporting icon Real-time Visibility

Track marketing material distribution to understinad how effective a campaign is, in addition to internal and external reporting.

Collaborative platform icon Collaborative Workflow

Multiple user roles enable teams to collaborate on creating and tracking materials.

Efficiency and productivity icon Efficiency & Productivity

Streamline your investor marketing efforts, saving time and resources.

verions control icon Version Control

Maintain up-to-date marketing materials with built-in version control, ensuring clarity and accuracy.

unified platform icon Unified Platform

Manage the entire investment process in one platform, delivering immense value to your organization and clients.

customized_Segmentation icon Customized Segmentation

Create tailored investor segments for personalized content delivery, enhancing engagement.


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Press Release

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Katipult DealFlow is changing the way that capital is raised with efficient and streamlined workflows which enable deals to close in days, not weeks or months.

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