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Katipult is driving innovation in capital markets so capital can be raised quicker, more efficiently, and with a better investor experience.

Katipult DealFlow enables investment dealers, wealth management firms, and banks to create, launch and close private capital deals faster.

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Financial Advisors

DealFlow is the one-stop platform to offer alternative investments to high-net-worth clients. Review funds and opportunities and then enter into structured workflows and documentation that will take enable investors to participate in deals with a few clicks of a mouse.

Finra Regulated Representatives

DealFlow offers Finra-regulated representatives the fastest and most efficient way to buy and sell securities for clients. Compliance workflows are baked into the platform, and Katipults eSignature technology ensures fully transparent documentation and KYC checks.

Accredited and Retail Investors

The investor experience is designed around simplicity and ease of use. Investor onboarding smart forms that include real-time documentation checks and streamlined KYC make it quick and frictionless and reduce the potential for errors to almost zero.

Institutional Investors

Maximize returns by finding private placements and other alternative investments outside of mainstream markets. Participate easily and quickly with workflows created specifically for institutional investors.

A Smarter Way to Raise Capital

How Canaccord Genuity is streamlining its private placement processes and co-ordination across teams and geographies.
How Cormark Securities is leveraging Katipult’s platform to power its institutional investor engagement.
How Raymond James is allowing its Equity Capital Markets Division to Market Alternative Products.
Automating The Private Placements Workflow at a Leading Provider of Corporate Trust Services.

Katipult DealFlow automates workflow in capital markets to eliminate transaction redundancy, strengthen compliance and deliver the best investor experience while accelerating deal flow for brokerages.

Katipult DealFlow in Numbers.

Capital Raised

+$4 Billion

Deals Executed


Investor Accounts Opened


Katipult DealFlow delivers benefits across divisions, including ECM teams, Investment Advisors, Compliance, New Accounts and Settlements.

Remove Old Systems

Eliminate cumbersome and costly legacy software

Digitize Manual Processes

Remove frequent human errors and compliance deficiencies

Reduce Compliance Backlog

Streamline compliance workflows to prevent bottlenecks and delays

Accelerate Private Deal Growth

Grow your private deal volume and broaden your distribution channels

Enable Cross-Border Product Placement

Increase your organization connectivity to service international investors

Create Rapid Deal Distribution

Execute deals faster and more efficiently for a better client experience

Return on Investment

Human Error & Deficiences
Back Office Costs
Client Servicing Capacity
Revenue Pursuit Capacitv
Compliance Certaintv


DealFlow Core

Execute private capital deals more efficiently with the industry-leading placement engine.

DealFlow DataHub

Synchronize with book-of-record data to make account opening faster, more secure, and more compliant.

DealFlow Marketing

Distribute deal information, track investor interest, monitor commitments and ensure compliance with an automated multi-stage workflow.

Features and Benefits

Katipult DealFlow provides powerful and easy-to-use tools to make it easy for stakeholders to launch and participate in private placement deals, with an intuitive user interface for desktop and mobile devices.

Document markup screen

Document Markup

A centralized and highly automated editor for compliance and syndication teams to ensure a compliant, error-free, and streamlined workflow across all distribution channels.

Set up a single PDF copy of the subscription document and have it auto-generated correctly for every investor, in a guided and fully compliant workflow.

  • Auto-Formatted
  • Version Control
  • Auto-Sizing
  • Drag-And-Drop

Smart Forms

Auto-populated documentation with built-in smart logic to provide seamless experiences for investment advisors and investors.

Merge required information automatically into subscription documents and provide a guided workflow for the execution of signatures and initials, specific to each investor.

Multiple Investment Vehicles

  • Individual/Joint
  • Trust
  • Corporate

Investor Exemptions

  • $200K, $300K, $1MM, $5MM
  • International
  • Friends and Family
Smart forms screen
Online deal marketplace screen

Online Deal Marketplace

A centralized marketplace to showcase all private placements currently being offered by the firm. Increase awareness and accessibility to all stakeholder groups.

Create highly engaging deal pages for Investment Advisors to perform due diligence, and set up permissions to control which investment advisor teams can access deals.

  • Deal Rooms
  • Segmentation

Bulk Send Distribution

A highly efficient distribution tool for Investment Advisors to send subscription documents to investors for signature, and ensure error-free document execution.

Assign order allocations and have subscription documents auto-populated for every investor, and emailed for signature in a guided and fully compliant workflow.

  • Manage Allocations
  • Select Orders
  • Bulk Send
bulk send distribution screen

Electronic Subscription Documents

Digital distribution and seamless execution of subscription documents using Katipult’s proprietary document generation and electronic signature technology.

Investors can access auto-populated subscription documents via email and simply apply signatures and initials where required.

  • Auto-population
  • Document Generation
  • Electronic Signatures

Katipult supports a range
of investment vehicles

Katipult-powered platforms for making investment decisions take into account the entire potential of the investment vehicle landscape.


Katipult allows swift setup of an investment platform for Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) funds, enabling you to launch a working product and begin raising capital for your funds quickly.

The platform also supports the addition of fully customizable deal page layouts. Which allows your technical personnel to go in and make heavy customizations on the platform when necessary.


Private equity professionals need a solution that can streamline and centralize the entire investment cycle, optimize processes, and enhance data and reporting.

Real-time dashboards that reflect key activities and metrics for each user group allow katipult's private equity software to empower private alternative investment professionals to find the investment opportunities that meet their defined criteria, mitigate risk, maximize the performance of their portfolios, and respond to ever-growing regulatory and investor reporting needs.

Commercial Real Estate

With Katipult as your technology partner, your investment platform will be able to offer real estate investments that meet all your underwriting criteria, all under the regulatory framework of the various securities commissions you need to ensure compliance with.

Eliminate the inefficiencies created by time spent on managing spreadsheets and uploading that information into archaic software programs and focus on offering institutional quality real estate investment opportunities to high net worth and retail investors.

Keep Your Team on the
Right Side of Compliance

Eliminate Not in Good Order Subscription Documents

Reduce time spent on subscription document revision and error correction.

Always be Audit-Ready

All activity has a footprint that is user-specific and time-stamped for accurate auditing capabilities.

Keep Internal Processes Standardized

Ensure that the entire staff in each respective division is following compliant processes while also adhering to company and regulatory policies.

The Demo is Customized
Around You

Katipult DealFlow is changing the way that capital is raised with efficient and streamlined workflows which enable deals to close in days, not weeks or months.

Get answers to your unique questions, see the platform in action and discover why Katipult is the right choice for your business.

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