Investment Management & Crowdfunding Software - Made for You

Investment Management & Crowdfunding Software - Made for You

Whether you are digitizing, growing, optimizing, or building your business - Katipult has you covered.

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Everything you need to manage your Real Estate, Private Equity,
or P2P Lending business.
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More than 85 leading alternative investment firms use Katipult to manage their investors and to raise money through their own crowdfunding platforms.
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Grow your investor network
with our Investment Management Solution

Manage the servicing and reporting cycle with activity dashboards, documents access, distribution processing, automated messaging, analytics, and financial advisor tools.

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Popular features - CRM, Dashboards, Document Management System

Raise more capital with our
Investment Crowdfunding Solution

Our Investment Crowdfunding software manages the entire investment cycle by streamlining user onboarding and automating transactions, and is rebranded to meet your company’s desired look and feel.

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Popular Features - Marketing & Distribution tools, Investor Onboarding & KYC, Payment Processing

Offer tradable securities with our
Secondary Market Solution

With our Secondary Market Solutions you can offer tradable securities including issuer buyback or auction-based secondary markets to investors.

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Popular Features - Automated Payments, Detailed Ledger Activities, Secure Real-Time Transactions

Be at the forefront of innovation
with our Blockchain Solution

Leverage powerful capabilities at the cutting edge of financial technology innovation.

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Popular Features - ICO’s, Smart Contracts, Tokenization, Distributed Ledgers

Everything you need to manage
your business with
our Industry Solutions

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