Alternative investment solutions to close deals faster

Katipult’s SaaS solution provides an innovative platform to manage alternative investments and new issues in capital markets.

Katipult provides alternative investment solutions that standardizes workflow between compliance, syndication, and financial advisor teams.

Create a deal icon
Create a Deal

Use interactive deal templates to create private or public deal rooms in minutes

Assign allocations icon
Assign Allocations

Build the book of syndicate participants and manage the expression of interest and final allocations

Assign teams icon
Assign Teams

Set permissions for teams to access the deal room and their maximum investment allocations

Close deal icon
Close a Deal

Generate a purchasers list with all investor participation information and final documentation

Track & monitor icon
Track & Monitor

Review real-time deal activity to understand all completed and outstanding tasks required to complete the financing

Invite investors icon
Invite Investors

Leverage distribution capabilities and compliance engine to rapidly send subscription documents, auto-completed for each investor

Service configuration

Delight investors with a next-generation, alternative investment solutions, and build trust as customers interact with your brand through Katipult’s mobile-first platform.

alternative investment solutions screenshot

Intelligent Allocation Management

Powerful dashboards for alternative investment solutions that reflect key deal activities and metrics so teams can make informed decisions about pricing and allocation allotments. Configure specific dashboards for compliance, ECM and syndication, and client issuers to provide a holistic view of each capital raise and required action items.

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Dynamic Bookbuilding

End-to-end cloud-based digital infrastructure to facilitate the creation, launch, and closing of new issue transactions with real-time updates. Katipult DealFlow delivers ease and efficiencies to the book runner and all syndicate members in public and private offerings.

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Bookbuilding tool, part of our alternative investment solutions
Katipult DealFlow data insights

Data Driven Insights

Reporting and analytics that reflect key deal activities and metrics so teams can make informed decisions and drive engagement in real-time. Understand best-performing deal types, leading investors and other insights that can help drive performance.

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Trusted And Secure

Processes to drive efficiencies, dramatically reduce errors, and create compliance audit trails. Stay on the right side of regulation while, at the same time, opening deals to a broader number of investors.

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graphic showing security for Katipult DealFlow

Powering the deal execution of leading organizations

Katipult helps investment dealers, wealth management firms, and banks simplify how private capital 
deals are executed

Raymond James selected Katipult to provide the software for a new online private placements platform to distribute alternative investment products offered by its Equity Capital Markets division across its financial advisor network. ”
For TSX Trust, this new deal management platform represents an important, innovative solution designed to address client challenges in the private placement process.“
Katipult provides a powerful, cloud-based infrastructure that will allow us to manage our private placement activities in a digital environment and improve coordination across teams and geographies, so that we can provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.”

Features and Benefits

Katipult DealFlow provides powerful and easy-to-use alternative investment solutions and tools to each stakeholder group. Everything is cloud-based and designed for desktop and mobile use.

Screenshot of Katipult DealFlow

Introduce Straight-Through-Processing

Drive deal flow and improve margins by leveraging highly efficient workflows that increase awareness and accessibility of deals across the firm.

  • Centralized Deal Rooms
  • Auto-Formatted Subscription Documents
  • Document Generation
  • Audit Trails  Analytics
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Empower Syndicate Members & Selling Groups

Introduce powerful tools so syndicate members and selling groups can execute deals quickly, close deals faster and earn more commissions.

  • Real Time Dashboards
  • Managed Allocations
  • Bulk Send Distribution
  • Quick Subscription Execution
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Screenshot of deal page in Katipult DealFlow
Participation screen in Katipult DealFlow

Accelerate Deals, Increase Participation, and Access More Opportunities

A centralized marketplace to showcase all alternative investments currently being offered. Increase awareness and accessibility to all stakeholder groups to drive more deal participation.

  • Centralized Deal Rooms
  • Segmentation by Investor Type
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Seamless Investment Execution
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Prospectus Distribution

Ability to send and track readership of preliminary and final prospectuses to selected investors, and optional business rules to prevent allocations being made before documents are opened and read.

  • Preliminary and final prospectuses
  • Compliance and audit tracking
  • Configurable business rules
  • Dashboard to see open and read status
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Prospectus Distribution Screen in Katipult DealFlow
Browse offerings screen in Katipult DealFlow

Support for Multiple New Issue Types

Easing the new issue process with our alternative investment solutions allows firms to leverage technology to offer a range of deal types, automate tasks, and achieve increased satisfaction from investors and issuers. 

  • Private Equity
  • Fund of Funds
  • Prospectus Offerings
  • Real Estate Investments
  • LIFE Deals (Canada Only)
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