U.S. Crowdfunding: Tips to navigate the regulatory framework when starting your own platform

With Scott Andersen and George S. Georgiades, leading crowdfunding legal experts in the US

Crowdfunding platforms in the US are providing entrepreneurs and innovative companies with a new way of raising capital, though the number of companies that take advantage of it is still relatively small. The main reason is the legislation process and different regulations surrounding the crowdfunding platform registration.

This webinar will provide you with actionable tips on registering your crowdfunding platform in the US, and navigating Title III and FINRA.

We joined with Scott Andersen and George S. Georgiades, leading crowdfunding legal experts in the US, to help you learn

  • What is the difference between Title III registered crowdfunding platform and non-registered crowdfunding portal
  • Benefits of being a registered crowdfunding platform
  • What do you need to become a Title III registered crowdfunding platform
  • Best practices for navigating Title III registration process
  • Actionable advice on successfully going through FINRA process - an actual client case study
  • What’s the hype behind Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency, and blockchain and what it means for crowdfunding

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scott anderson headshot

Scott Andersen

Principal at finLawyer.com (Andersen, P.C.)
  • Former Deputy Regional Chief Counsel and Enforcement Director at FINRA
  • 19 years of experience with regulatory enforcement
  • Concentrates his practice on SEC, FINRA and state regulatory defense and securities regulatory counseling
  • Working with crowdfunding portals, funding platforms, broker-dealers and fintech providers on regulatory compliance matters
George Georgiades headshot

George S. Georgiades

Counsel to Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP
  • Focuses his practice on capital formation transactions and providing regulatory compliance advice to broker-dealers, investment advisors, exchanges and crowdfunding portals
  • Has extensive experience in structuring, negotiating and consummating public and private securities offerings
  • Has a particular focus on technology driven finance, including Crowdfunding, Regulation A+ and Initial Coin Offerings
  • Has been meaningfully involved in crowdfunding since it’s start and has worked with anything from regulators to industry associates to help form the crowdfunding regulations