Marketing Your Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform to Retail Investors

With Esmeralda Carrere, Marketing Manager of Brickfunding, one of the leading search engines for real estate crowdfunding investment opportunities worldwide

Is your organization looking to attract more retail investors to your real estate crowdfunding platform?

Attracting investors and raising funds is something most platforms struggle with. This is due to the fact that, traditionally, investors have used personal networks and referrals to find interesting projects. Digital platforms and marketing open up entirely new ways to accomplish this.

We joined leading experts from Brickfunding to provide you with actionable tips on attracting investors to your platform and raising funds.

This webinar will help you learn:

  • How to create an evolutive website that is able to utilize crowdfunding technology, be UX friendly and can attract users with its look and messages
  • The importance of value-driven storytelling that allows for an approach that changes the way marketing of real estate investments is done
  • Basic and more advanced SEO tactics that can be used by both internal or external resources
  • How to maximize exposure and get active referrers with affiliate marketing, referrals and search engines
  • How to create a successful communications strategy including PR and social media

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Esmeralda Carrere

Marketing Manager at Brickfunding
  • Worked across multiple marketing and communication disciplines, for both large and small technology companies
  • Digital-native, creative and customer oriented, she has helped those brands designing and executing strategies and campaigns programs.
  • International marketing consulting experience