Complete Guide to Investment Crowdfunding Regulations in the US

With Mark Roderick, leading crowdfunding attorney in the US and founder of blog Crowdfundattny

Are the countless rules, regulations and exemptions surrounding crowdfunding in the US starting to get too difficult to keep track of?

To help you get a better understanding of regulation relevant to your company, we partnered with one of the leading investment crowdfunding attorneys in the US, Mark Roderick.  He is joining us from Flaster Greenberg PC, and will share information that will help you navigate the complex crowdfunding regulations in the US.

By joining this webinar, you will learn about the regulations around investment crowdfunding in the US including the critical changes between different pieces of legislation such as:

  • Who is allowed to invest and how much money can be raised
  • Whether Internet portals can be used
  • How much each investor can invest
  • The degree of SEC oversight
  • Whether foreign companies can participate
  • What should you use for token sales
  • What regulations are best suited for specific industry sectors and funds vs. individual offers
  • What should you use if you want to enable secondary trading capabilities to your investors

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Mark Roderick

Crowdfunding Attorney at Flaster Greenberg PC and Founder of
  • Represents dozens of portals and other participants in the Crowdfunding industry, providing both technical knowledge and industry expertise.
  • Spearheads the firm’s Crowdfunding practice and is one of the leading Crowdfunding lawyers in the United States.
  • Maintains a Crowdfunding blog at, which contains news, updates and links to important information on the Crowdfunding industry.
  • Represents companies across a wide range of industries, including technology, real estate, and healthcare concentrating his practice on the representation of entrepreneurs and their businesses.