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Managing Loans Has Never Been Easier

Cloud-Based, End to End Lending Solution For Commercial Consumer Loans

Future-Proof Your Business


Automated Platform

Highly effective processes for origination, marketplace funding, servicing and collections


Standardized Compliance

Guided processes to introduce efficiencies, remove errors, and create audit trails


Managed Investment Funds

Loan investments, orders, fractionalization payments, and disbursements

Reduce Costs, Ensure Compliance, and Streamline Administration

Keep your operational expenses under control by significantly accelerating workflow and transaction efficiencies.

Close Loans Faster, Without Friction

  • Painful Subscription Execution
  • Redundant Administrative Tasks
  • Decentralized & Manual Internal Processes
  • Chronic Compliance Issues
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Empower Your Compliance and Underwriting Team

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Introduce standardized workflows to ensure consistency and accuracy from all deal participants.


Compliance & Underwriting

  • Centralized Deal Rooms
  • Auto-Formatted Subscription Documents
  • Document Generation
  • Audit Trails & Analytics

Delight Your Borrowers

Introduce powerful tools for your borrowers to secure funding, and manage complexities encountered during the lifecycle of the loan.


  • Real Time Dashboards
  • Managed Obligation Payments
  • Streamlined Loan Applications
  • Lender Engagement
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Delight Your Lenders

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Simplify the investment process to improve the investor experience and eliminate frustrations. Anytime, anywhere, any device.


  • Quick Loan Agreement Execution
  • Error-Free Documentation
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Guided Processes

How It Works


Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking of loan agreement status via secure, permissioned deal dashboards for Compliance and Underwriting Teams, Borrowers, and Lenders.


eForms & eSignature

Digital form submissions, auto-generated loan agreements, and electronic signature execution.


Audit Ready

Time and date stamped digital record of all platform and loan activity for auditors.


Automated Lender Onboarding

Detailed and customizable investor identification, registration, and declaration, including online accreditation, KYC, and AML.


Automated Notifications

Online collaboration and automated notifications, stakeholder updates, and alerts.


Auto Invest & Repayments

Leverage advanced features to automate investing and repayments to delight your lenders.

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