Investor Onboarding mockups

Know Your Customer
(KYC) and Account Openings Has Never Been Easier

Fully integrated, digitized investor onboarding making raising capital simple.

Future Proof Your Business with Katipult


Automated KYC

All the information you need verified automatically. Understand your investors preferences and suitability to improve customer servicing while meeting stringent
compliance requirements.


Work-Flow Management

Guided processes to introduce efficiencies, remove errors, and create audit trails. Simplify the investor onboarding process to improve the investor experience and eliminate frustrations.


Smart Forms

Customizable electronic forms to manage submission documents and track them in real-time. Ensure consistency and accuracy for all investors.

Grow Your Investor Network, Reduce Costs,
and Ensure Compliance

Streamline administration to achieve operational efficiencies, and significantly accelerate workflow and transactions.

Onboard Investors Faster, Without Friction

  • Painful Investor Paperwork
  • Redundant Administrative Tasks
  • Decentralized & Manual Internal Processes
  • Chronic Compliance Issues

Introduce a Modern Know Your Investor (KYC) Process

Accreditation Step 1

Understand your investors to improve customer servicing while meeting stringent compliance requirements.

  • Digital “Smart” Forms
  • Investor Suitability & Preferences
  • Identity Authentication
  • Multiple Investment Vehicles

How It Works


Automated Investor Onboarding

Detailed and customizable investor identification including online accreditation, KYC, and AML.


Personalized Experience

Account creation and profile settings for multiple investment vehicles, investor preferences and suitability, and investor status.



Autofill and electronic signature of investor certifications and declarations.


Audit Ready

Time and date stamped digital record of all investor forms for auditors and internal renewals.


Automated Notifications

Alerts for approvals, denials, requests for additional information and updates.

Download Our Blockchain Whitepaper

Learn about Katipult’s proposed decentralized exchange of investor accreditation status, KYC, MIFID,
AML, CTF, and PEP between multiple blockchains directly without a trusted 3rd party intermediary.

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