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What is the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) and How to Invest on TSX-V?

The TSX Venture Exchange serves as a public venture capital marketplace for emerging companies, particularly in Canada's natural resource and technology sectors.

How to Invest in TSX Venture Exchange Stocks

Canada's stock markets are relatively easy to access for Canadian and U.S. investors given the countries' close ties with each other. Moreover, Canada and the U.S. have tax treaties that can avoid problems commonly associated with international investing, such as double-taxation.


Canadian investors can purchase stocks traded on the TSX-V directly using brokerage and self-directed brokerage accounts. U.S. investors can purchase stocks traded on the TSX-V directly using brokerage accounts that support such foreign trades. If you do not have a brokerage account call your bank and ask to set up a brokerage account and explain you are looking to purchase a company stock on an exchange.


In your brokerage account, you will be able to place an order for Katipult using the ticker symbol FUND. Make sure that the company name accompanying the ticker symbol says Katipult Technology Corp.


If you simply want to follow the Katipult’s stock activity to see how it performs you can do that on many websites including Google Finance: Once the company receives securities commission approval it can be looked up by typing in the ticker symbol FUND.V (Note: different finance websites may use different ways to search for Toronto venture exchange companies).


What if I’m not Canadian or American?

This may vary from country to country but start with contacting your bank and discussing with the brokerage team is a start. There are bank brokerages and independent brokerages in most countries so do your research and learn how to do it.