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TSX: C-Suite at The Open Interview With Katipult CEO Gord Breese

Katipult CEO, Gord Breese, sat down for an interview with Berk Sumen, head of TSX company services for their “C-Suite at The Open” series. In an effort to highlight the “unique stories and perspectives of companies listed on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)”, the conversation touched on both Katipult’s business model as well as the future growth outlook.

Thoughts were also shared on Katipult’s involvement with TSX Trust. Namely, TSX Trust had selected Katipult's SaaS platform to power its new digital deal management service called dealLINX. The aim of the project is to automate workflows for private placements and streamline the issuer and investor onboarding process.

Berk: Can you start by telling us who Katipult is?

Gord: Katipult fundamentally is a FinTech SAAS business. We serve the private capital market space. Automating the process that connects investors to private deals end-to-end.

Berk: Can you speak to the market in which you operate and the growth potential?

Gord: Katipult is a global business and we service the private capital ecosystem. This is made up of issuers – companies looking to raise capital, investors, and legal firms that are part of that whole process. That's the market that Katipult serves today.

Berk: What does that revenue model look like?

Gord: Being a SAAS business, our revenue model is a recurring-based setup. Our customers pay us a recurring fee for the use of our software. We've also developed concepts to provide transaction-based revenue for our company and we see some really innovative opportunities to expand, grow, and create more value in the market.

Berk: I was actually lucky to see your software in action recently. In Q3 of this year, TSX Trust, which is a subsidiary of the TMX group, selected Katipult to power its digital deal management service. And the software is incredible. It makes everything really easy.

Can you speak to this and also comment on what a TSX venture listing means to Katipult?

Gord: The TMX customer relationship is really important and valuable to us. It really showcases the innovation and the capabilities of our platform, and we're excited to partner with them in this endeavor. In terms of being a listed venture company, it provides obviously a ton of profile, a way for us to easily access capital, and really gives us a global positioning in the market.

About Katipult

Katipult ( is a provider of industry-leading and award-winning software infrastructure for powering the exchange of capital in equity and debt markets. Our cloud-based platform and solutions digitize investment workflow by eliminating transaction redundancy, strengthening compliance, delighting investors, and accelerating deal flow. Katipult provides unparalleled adaptability for regulatory compliance, asset structure, business model, and localization requirements.