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Platform of the Month - Maritime Properties

Maritime Properties is a licensed real estate brokerage that has been committed to helping it's customers buy, sell and invest in real estate for for almost 2 decades.

Sector: Real Estate            Location: Orange County, California

1.Can you introduce your investment platform? is a real estate crowdfunding marketplace allowing people to invest in real estate without the large capital outlay and taking on a lot of debt and management responsibilities normally associated with investing in real estate. allows people to diversify part of their financial portfolio in to an asset class not normally correlated with the stocks and bonds that historically over time does very well. It further allows people to cut out the bank and realize the high rate of return normally reserved for banks and real estate investors. Most wealthy people either made their money in real estate or keep their money in real estate.

2.How did you came up with the idea to start an online investment platform? Was there an “ah- ha” moment?

We have wanted to offer this for 35 years but until recently the laws did not allow general solicitation. When it comes to investing in real estate availability of financing is critical. Now with the internet and the Jobs Act, crowdfunding is another source of real estate financing previously not available.

3.What’s different about your platform than others in the space? is operates in Southern California and knows the local real estate market. We are not just a tech company startup. We are a California BRE licensed seasoned real estate brokerage with over 36 years of real estate experience. We have made a lot of money over the years investing in real estate and we are now sharing that knowledge with those utilizing our platform to help them reach their goals. We are currently offering debt deals. However equity deals are also welcome on our platform. With debt, investors receive a fixed rate of return. Typically residential flips and longer term buy and hold residential income property are found on our platform, however, all types of real estate are possible. The future of real estate investing is here. Pairing passive investors with active investors is not new. But being able to do so on line is. Just like in many other industries, transactions can be completed quickly and easily on line. Real estate investing is now just a matter of a few simple clicks. Our on line dashboard gives full control to those that use as their real estate investment Platform.

How it Works Maritime Properties

4. Do you have any milestones you would like to share with us? Or any other interesting news about your platform?

Yes, we launched our platform in the last week of March 2016 (a few days ago) and our first offering through the platform will be paying 14% annual interest (secured by real estate) and will be going live very soon.

5. How do you see the industry evolving within the next 24 months?

With the changing laws the industry is growing. We now offer our real estate investments to accredited investors but expect to be offering them to everyone in the near future.

6. Tell us a little about the founders?

Steve Spiro is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and Principal Broker of Maritime Properties. Founder of He is an active real estate investor with nearly four decades of real estate professional experience in investing, managing, loan origination, underwriting and sales of real estate. Steve has owned hundreds of properties and handled thousands of real estate related transactions. He holds a Real Estate Broker’s license #01102481 from the California Bureau of Real Estate. He has a “Realtor” designation as a member of the California Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors, Orange County Association of Realtors and San Diego Association of Realtors. He is a Zillow 5 Star Premier Agent and member of the National CrowdFunding Association.