Capital Markets Insights

Our Tips for Growing & Maintaining Your Investor Network

Attracting investors is one of the most important tasks you face as a growing firm.

Whether you’re an established investment firm looking to attract new investors or a startup working your way to build a following, you’re going to need to attract capital to do it.

Building your investor network is a combination of two things: acquiring new investors to your business, and maintaining relationships with them as you grow. Do both of these things, and you’ll find that you have a powerful and reliable way to raise capital for your deals.

Finding New Investors

There are a lot of ways you can search for investors. These are three social tactics that fintech firms are using to find capital for their businesses - and these can also work for you:

  • Investment Crowdfunding Sites: Investment Crowdfunding lets a large number of investors make relatively small individual contributions. It’s a great way to get a new idea off the ground, whether you’re looking to launch a new project or simply introduce a new element for an existing project. Check out FundRise, RealtyMogul, ProdigyNetwork, OurCrowd - these are but a few options for tapping into active online investor networks.
  • Angel Networks: Angel investors are always looking for great opportunities and are usually well connected with other high net worth individuals. You’ll get the capital you need plus the friendly introductions an experienced investor has to offer. If you’re ready to tap into these networks you can look to attend events for angel investors; check out, the Angel Investment Network, or the Angel Capital Association.
  • Incubators & Accelerators: One of the best ways to find investors is to surround yourself with other firms raising capital. Incubators and accelerators give physical office space in a shared environment where inspiration and opportunity can abound. These locations regularly hold events attracting investors from all sectors. To look into incubators and accelerators near you, visit TechStars or 500Startups.

Maintaining Investor Relationships

Bringing in an investment partner is just one piece of the equation. Once you have investors, it’s important to maintain good relationships with them. Remember that your investors are more than just a source of capital. Current investors are your greatest resources for referrals and introductions, and of course they can provide valuable capital for future needs.

Keep open communications with your investors - tell them about wins and milestones, but also let them know when you’re facing a new challenge. They’ll appreciate the openness and information, and may be able to provide valuable advice that helps you find success.

Listen to your investors’ concerns, celebrate your achievements with them, and keep open and honest lines of communications going, and you should have no trouble keeping them involved in your business.

How Katipult Can Help

One of the keys to both attracting and retaining investors is having a smooth, streamlined workflow. You want to make it as easy as possible for new investors to get started, and for existing investors to keep in contact. Katipult helps facilitate things with our turnkey administration for capital raising and investor management.

We take the stress out of managing multiple investors. That leads to less trepidation over adding new investors, and also lets you spend more time building the relationships with your current roster of investors. All of which helps your business achieve success.