Capital Markets Insights

Katipult Selected to Represent Canada on World Stage

The world’s biggest banks and technology firms are set to converge on Madrid, Spain June 21-22 for MoneyConf, and Katipult will be among the exclusive group of companies selected to exhibit at the prestigious Fintech event that helped elevate companies like Stripe in previous years.

“We are delighted and honoured to be given this opportunity to showcase Katipult to industry leaders in Financial Technology (Fintech) and show Canada is responsible for more than just oil & gas” says Brock Murray CEO of Katipult.

Canada has great tech success stories including HooteSuite and Shopify, the latter which Katipult’s business model closely resembles albeit for private capital markets, and Katipult is eyeing that same growth and market presence.

As investment and property crowdfunding platforms are flourishing, the need to have secure, flexible, and compliant software infrastructure is a necessity. That's why Katipult created a powerful crowdfunding software which facilitates the entire investment process from marketing and distribution through to investor tax reporting. “Customers can set up and manage their investment platform for crowdfunding, private placements, or investor management easily whether they are in Canada, US, UK, or any other country”.

Private capital raises represent a tremendous opportunity in financial markets and crowdfunding legislation has brought our software capabilities into the spotlight. “There are 10’s of thousands of participants in private markets that will require Katipult to streamline their deal flow administration while growing and managing their investor network.”