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Katipult named Canada’s most innovative Fintech company

Canada’s technology sector can proudly speak of a number of homegrown giants disrupting online sectors from social media management (Hootsuite), to web browsing (Mozilla Firefox), ecommerce (Shopify), and also workplace chat (Slack). Katipult is looking to be placed amongst these names as the dominant Canadian player in Financial Technology (Fintech).

Katipult is proprietary cloud-based software infrastructure that allows firms in private capital markets to design, setup, and manage an Investment Crowdfunding, Peer 2 Peer Lending, or Investor Management platform. The software provides unparalleled adaptability for regulatory compliance, asset structures, business model, and localization requirements. Katipult boasts compliant platforms in over 20 unique regulatory environments.

Private capital markets are plagued with operational inefficiencies and detailed compliance requirements which presents a huge opportunity for firms looking to remove these pain points. As the largest banking institutions in the world look to harness Fintech into their operations, Katipult is positioning itself in the right place at the right time.

Unlike many disruptive tech companies that come from tech hubs like San Francisco, New York, or Singapore, Katipult was founded in Calgary, Canada in the shadows of the Oil & Gas sector. “If you work in Calgary’s business district you most likely work in Oil & Gas so the support ecosystem is very different than what you would see in the Valley” says Brock Murray CEO of Katipult. That doesn’t mean you’re at a disadvantage, as Calgary is an amazing city with a strong financial sector and entrepreneurial spirit.

Katipult was recently featured in Calgary Economic Development’s “National Be Part of the Energy Campaign”, highlighting the company as one of the up-and-comers in the city. In previous years, Katipult also won RBC’s Emerging Enterprise of the Year Award. “Anytime you’re recognized for your efforts it’s great” said Murray. “We’re hoping we’ll be able to collaborate closer with Canada’s large financial institutions as there are many complimentary opportunities both domestically and internationally.”

Katipult deals with dozens of API integrations into our software from other leading Fintech companies including KYC & AML background checks, big data analytics & smart messaging, payment processing, contract creation & electronic signature. Its most recent initiatives dealing with secondary trading and blockchain technology are likely turning heads within traditional finance firms and banks as the level of sophistication and the speed it can setup a customer platform will disrupt the current landscape dramatically.

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