Capital Markets Insights

Katipult Adds Leading Investment Firms As Customers In the UAE


As our firm continues to explore the global opportunities in major financial centers, we are excited to have recently added two regulated firms from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including a subsidiary of a publicly listed entity on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. This milestone starts our coverage of the UAE and cooperation to adhere to the regulatory requirements in the country.

One of these firms is a licensed investment company regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE, while the other is a financial services provider regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) providing Private Wealth Advisory and Corporate Finance. Katipult will be able to support firms in the region regardless of which regulator rulesets they need to comply with.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are both robust financial centers with a high quantity of prospective customers and an increasing friendly climate for financial technology (fintech) initiatives.

Our ability to attract great companies from international markets underscores Katipult’s position as a market leader. Our international experience within our market is unparalleled and we are proud to have developed such as global footprint at this point in our company’s growth.

The industry is transforming at a much faster rate as investment firms look to leverage technology to move their operations online. The emergence of Blockchain technology and Security Token Offerings are also changing the landscape and its important industry incumbents adapt and evolve.

We’re going to see investment firms look to leverage technology at a much faster rate and that is great for Katipult. We plan to focus on key growth markets as we further build our  sales and marketing team in 2018, and develop strong customer lists in financial hubs such as Toronto, New York, London, Singapore, and UAE.

If you are looking to setup an investment platform and would like to understand how Katipult can assist you within your region, get in touch and learn more about our product and process.