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Get to Know Katipult: An Interview with Board Chair Marcus Shapiro

bod-marcus-shapiro.jpgWe spoke with Mr. Marcus Shapiro, the Chairman of the Board of Katipult, to find out what attracted him to Katipult, what are his impressions so far and what he expects from Katipult in the future.
Before joining the Katipult’s team, Mr. Shapiro worked at HSBC Investment Bank and its predecessor firms in London and New York, as an advisor on capital markets issues, corporate strategy and M&A. Apart from his 25-year career in investment banking, Mr. Shapiro has a background in practising corporate law in one of London's leading commercial law firms.

Katipult: Why did you join Katipult’s board?

Shapiro: Before I accepted the offer to join the Katipult’s board, I considered carefully if that was something I wanted to do and spoke to two groups of people - with a couple of the other prospective directors, and with the Founders of the business, whose answers I was really comforted by. This helped me realize that I wanted to become a member of the board and that I wanted to help this business grow.

Katipult: What was your first impression of the team?

Shapiro: There are two things that I was really intrigued by. First thing is that the company had grown without any external capital and second thing is the internal business structure where you have a Canadian company with operations in central Europe and Asia, and a global customer base - and I think they have a very interesting business model. I was most impressed that the founders had relocated themselves where it was necessary to help the company develop.

Katipult:What do you see as the most valuable aspect of your involvement?

Shapiro: Being the Chairman, I am responsible for the overall governance of the company and the value that I bring is that I spent my almost 30-year career advising executives of public companies like this one. I am helping the co-founders, the CEO and CPO, make the right decisions without interfering in the company’s management. I gain experience as a director and chairman of a Canadian public company, a new jurisdiction for me since my emigration to Canada in 2014. I want to use my UK and US experience and and bring it to Canada.

Katipult: What do you expect from Katipult in the future? What is the area where you see largest growth potential for Katipult?

Shapiro: As this is still a young company, focusing just on developing the products it is offering, there is a lot of business work and investment that needs to be put in the company.  Probably the most important task at the moment is expanding the sales and marketing capability of the company.

Furthermore, there are a lot of opportunities for investments and growth. Katipult’s platform is  operated by customers in many different jurisdictions and it is important to orientate towards countries where it has best chances for strong growth.

Katipult:What do you wish other people knew about Katipult?

Shapiro: I wish that successful players in the marketplace knew about the existence of Katipult, its flexibility and cost-effective nature. I think it’s important to raise awareness in the marketplace amongst the potential customers. A lot of effort needs to be put into spreading the word about Katipult.