The most seamless, interconnected platform for bookbuilding and allocation management

Streamline the entire origination and issuance process for public offerings, from indication of interest through final allocation of both retail and institutional investors
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Set up your Katipult platform to standardize the workflows between your
compliance, account openings, and transaction settlement teams

Launch A Deal

Use our interactive deal templates to create an online deal room with electronic prospectus delivery

Confirm Allocations

Automatically notify all syndicate members and deal participants finalized pricing and allocation amounts


Produce a purchasers list and update all internal record systems seamlessly with investor participation information and final documentation

Manage Orders

Easily invite financial advisors and investors with an email link to initiate the expression of interest process

Track & Monitor

Review real-time deal activity to understand all completed and outstanding tasks required to complete the process

Dynamic Bookbuilding

Your end-to-end digital infrastructure to facilitate the creation, launch, and closing of new issue transactions will be cloud-based with real-time updates. Katipult delivers the ease and efficiencies to the book runner and all syndicate members in public offerings.

New Issue Securities - Dynamic Bookbuilding
New Issue Securities - Intelligent Allocation Management

Intelligent Allocation Management

Powerful dashboards that reflect key deal activities and metrics so your team can make informed decisions about pricing and allocation allotments. Set up specific dashboards for compliance, ECM and syndication, and client issuers to provide a holistic view into each capital raise and required action items.

Streamlined Ticketing

Guided processes to introduce efficiencies, remove errors, and create compliance audit trails for closing and ticketing deals. Automatically generate purchasers lists and trade receipts tracking price, the volume of the trade, the names involved in the transaction, and the dates of a deal.

New Issue Securities - Streamlined Ticketing

Powering the new issuance
systems of leading organisations

Katipult helps investment dealers and banks simplify the entire
process of new issue securities

"For TSX Trust, this new deal management platform represents an important, innovative solution designed to address client challenges in the private placement process.“

“Raymond James selected Katipult to provide the software for a new online private placements platform to distribute alternative investment products offered by its Equity Capital Markets division across its financial advisor network. ”

"We view Katipult as a great technology partner. They’ve responded to both short term changes in our business, as well as long term strategic planning to make sure that we hit our goals and our objectives as an institution.“

Empower Your Equity Capital Markets Team

New Issue Securities - Empower Your Equity Capital Markets Team

Introduce standardized workflows to ensure consistency and accuracy from all syndicate participants.

  • Audit Trails & Analytics
  • Real-Time Activity Dashboards
  • Syndicate Management Tools
  • Network Connectivity

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Accelerate Deal Flow

Introduce modern, intelligent processes to manage public offerings.

  • Expression of Interest
  • Bid Management
  • Allocation Management
  • Deal Ticketing

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New Issue Securities - Accelerate Deal Flow

Delight Your Investors

New Issue Securities - Delight Your Issuers

Simplify the syndication process to improve the issuer experience andeliminate frustrations.

  • Centralized Deal Room
  • Error-Free Documentation
  • Electronic Signatures & Initials
  • Closing Folders For Counsel

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