Tokenizing Investment Funds

With Frans Tjallingii, Managing Director at Galaxy Digital and Beier Cai, Technology Director at Galaxy Capital

Would you like to learn how to use blockchain to bring actual value to your private capital firm?

To go beyond the hype and glorious visions years in the future and disrupt your industry right here and right now?

Tokenizing investments funds is a widely discussed topic that became possible thanks to the blockchain technology and crypto market.

We joined one of the pioneers and leading experts in the field, former CEO and CTO at First Coin Capital, a full service investment bank for initial token and coin offerings (now acquired by Galaxy Digital) with deep experience in tokenizing funds, to discuss how you can leverage this groundbreaking technology to disrupt your industry.

By joining this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is tokenization of funds
  • Tokenized funds vs publicly listed funds
  • Benefits and drawbacks of fund tokenization
  • Why tokenizing a fund is a good thing
  • Examples and best practices
  • Real Estate Case Study
  • Future outlook of fund tokenizations


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Frans Tjallingii

MD at Galaxy Digital
  • Has extensive corporate strategy, turnaround and investment analysis experience
  • Prominent role in the Galaxy Digital LP Advisory business
  • Has been involved in start-ups since 2014 and in Blockchain since 2015
  • Former President of SAAM SMIT Towage Canada

Beier Cai

Technology Director at Galaxy Digital
  • Extensive technical and leadership experience building out Hootsuite’s software platform from the ground up
  • His passion on distributed systems led to his obsession with Blockchain technology which he truly believes will transform our lives
  • Organizer and regular speaker at various technology meetups and conferences