Katipult Secondary Market solution allows your firm to offer tradable securities including issuer buy back or auction based secondary markets to investors.

Manage trading activity, capital tables, clearing and settlements, and build in fee based commission structures for your business.

Auction System: Provide liquidity to your investors in a secondary marketplace with bid and ask price discovery. Allow investors to make and accept offers in real-time and view realized/unrealized gains and losses.

delivering and collecting paperwork

Issuer Buybacks: Introduce exit opportunities for investors to liquidate investments early and unwind their positions with an easy to use issuer buy back program.

  • Dividends & Interest Dividends & Interest

    Dividends & Interest

    Manage repayment amounts, dates, and any associated transaction fees for maintaining complete records of any income owed to investors.

  • Cap Tables Cap Tables

    Cap Tables

    Automatically maintain and update capitalization tables so you always know the ownership percentages, investor holdings, and detailed ledgers of trading activity.

  • Automated Clearing & Settlement Automated Clearing & Settlement

    Automated Clearing & Settlement

    Provide a seamless process to both parties involved in trades to ensure full transparency and recording of all transactions while eliminating counterparty risks.