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Secondary Market Solution

Easily offer tradable securities through a single solution
"The Katipult solution provided us with the robust and extensive functionality we were looking for, built on a highly secure and flexible backend platform."

Bradly Kerr

CEO & Co-Founder, FundingNomad
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Allow your investors to trade securities in a secondary market

Manage all your investor trading activity in a secure, cloud-based marketplace. Investor dashboards provide full transparency on your investors’ trading activity, clearing & settlement, and portfolio status.

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Provide liquidity to your investors in a secondary marketplace

Offer bid and ask price discovery in your very own auction system. Investors will be able to make and accept offers in
real-time and view their realized/unrealized gains and losses on their own dashboard.

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Launch a private or open exchange for your investor network

Ensure full transparency and recording of all transactions while eliminating counterparty risks with automated clearing & settlement.

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Offer secondary market capabilities to your Real Estate, Private Equity, or P2P Lending investors

Offer tradable securities including issuer buyback or auction based secondary markets to investors on your Real Estate, Private Equity, or P2P Lending platform. Utilize capital tables, clearing and settlements, and built-in fee based commission structures for your platform.

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