Combine powerful marketing capabilities with a centralized back office!

powerful marketing capabilities
Shift your existing business operation online and realize the extensive benefits of an investment platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Streamline the underwriting process and investment syndication to high net worth and institutional investor networks from all over the world.

manage small, medium, or large investment offerings

Create a private solicitation or public solicitation platform with back office capabilities to easily fractionalize and manage small, medium, or large private placements.

  • administration, and investor relations Operationally Efficient icon

    Operationally Efficient

    Katipult’s ability to automate the processes of a traditional capital raise reduces both time and operational expenses for marketing, administration, and investor relations.

  • Multiple Distribution Channels Multiple Distribution Channels icon

    Multiple Distribution Channels

    A centralized environment online to provide unprecedented access to existing investors and exposure to new investors both domestically and internationally.

  • Katipult’s licensing includes a support package Fully Supported icon

    Fully Supported

    Katipult’s licensing includes a support package for managing technical maintenance and optimization of your platform so you can focus on raising capital.

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