Katipult P2P Lending solution allows your firm to manage the loan cycles from online origination, loan grading and marketplace funding to loan servicing and reporting.

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Our P2P solution provides security and convenience to your lenders and borrowers.

Origination: We have a complete online origination process from borrower verification (when dealing with 3rd parties) to loan application, verifying identity, pulling third party data to run credit checks and scorecards for automated approvals.


Funding Create, publish, and market loans to lenders within a centralized marketplace. Determine lender suitability and preference to provide allocation options specific to lender needs. Manage payments online or with check, or wire transfer as well as document generation and electronic signature processes.

  • Fractionalization and Repayments Fractionalization and Repayments

    Fractionalization and Repayments

    Manage borrower payments, delinquencies and other servicing tasks, and set up repayments that are automatically disbursed to lender accounts based on lender's fractional share of the loan.

  • Lender Wallets & Disbursals Lender Wallets & Disbursals

    Lender Wallets & Disbursals

    Enhance your lender experience and better manage your operating margins with our Katipult Wallet module. Lenders can easily top-up their account, transact, and receive earnings which is fully tracked and reported with their personal dashboard.

  • Distribution Formulas Distribution Formulas

    Distribution Formulas

    Katipult recreates your distribution formulas and uses those to push repayments to lenders based on your data stored in the Katipult Platform.