Katipult’s comprehensive modules cover everything from marketing and distribution to back office administration!

    Katipult’s comprehensive modules

    Katipult is strategically developed on a proprietary software framework to create significant efficiencies within each phase of a private capital raise, whether its for an investment crowdfunding campaign or a private investment offering to high net worth investors.

    Katipult provides specialized features

    Katipult provides specialized features and processes for each stakeholder group to market and distribute investment offerings, facilitate incoming payments and outgoing repayments, manage tax and performance reports, collect investor signatures, adhere to regulatory compliance, document audit trails, among other powerful functionality.

    • Investor Tools Investor Tools

      Investor Tools

      Katipult’s investor modules will introduce your investor network to a first class investment experience including centralized activity dashboards, real-time account updates, 24/7 access, tax and document management, investor notifications, and a seamless process to browse and transact investments.

    • Issuer Tools Issuer Tools

      Issuer Tools

      Automate the processes of a traditional capital raise and create a single view of your business to manage your investor communication, reporting, and repayments from Katipult’s Issuer dashboard. Create and manage investment offerings that engage investors with rich media content while adhering to compliance requirements inherent in the software processes.

    • Administrator Tools Administrator Tools

      Administrator Tools

      Manage and monitor your investment platform activity with secure administrative capabilities including, approval processes for investor and issuer registration, launching new deals and managing active deals, and analyzing user behavior from Katipult’s Administrator dashboard.