Crowdfunding software that is easy to use for everyone!

    Katipult is designed to be intuitive and deliver results for investment management firms, broker dealers, exempt market dealers, asset management firms, investment banks, and all other private market participants. Explore some of our marketing and back office features below to better understand how Katipult is driving innovation in private capital markets worldwide.

    Customizable Interface

    The brand and style guidelines on Katipult can be easily configured to reflect the unique look and feel of your organization, including logo, colors, fonts, images, and banner layout. Our design documentation is provided to guide your team through this process.

    Mobile Responsive Design

    Katipult is mobile responsive for an optimal viewing experience on any device including mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablets.

    Marketing Pages

    Katipult’s marketing pages can be updated to display the messaging of your organization including the mandate of your investment platform, how it works, why it’s different, who the management team is, contact information, and includes a section for Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ) content.

    Content Management System

    Katipult’s proprietary Content Management System (CMS) empowers your organization to insert, add, remove, and update content throughout the entire platform, at any time. The CMS is equipped with an on/off toggle to enable or disable the real-time editing of body text and menu titles.

    Customizable Email Notifications

    A smart messaging system configured within Katipult platform stakeholders with calls to action based on their platform activity. Katipult empowers your organization to modify the content in these notification messages to best reflect your brand and mandate.

    Account Settings

    A simple sign-up process, further expedited with the ability to sign-up using preexisting Linkedin or Facebook accounts, allows investors and other stakeholders to quickly create accounts in order to invest or market investment opportunities.

    Investor Approval Process

    Katipult has a built-in accreditation process to vet investors for the appropriate compliance requirements. In addition to the verification aspect, our investor onboarding module assists in the creation of investor profiles, and collects information for “Know your Client Suitability” such as investment preferences and risk adversity.

    Administrative Capabilities

    Your organization will have full control over your platform from Katipult’s easy-to-use Administrator dashboard. Manage content, investment offering approvals and publishing, access platform analytics, or change permission settings for registered users.

    Activity Dashboards

    Administrators, Investors, and Issuers each can access unique activity dashboards that provide a visual summary of important metrics for each respective stakeholder. From managing investments or investment dollars to tracking platform growth.

    Payment Processing

    Katipult can be configured with the payment gateway and payment process of your choosing, depending on the needs of your organization or country of origin. Investors can invest and execute required documents online via a secure e-signature, or take the transaction process offline i.e., manual transfer of funds into a secure third party escrow account.

    Platform & Web Analytics

    Katipult has complete site analytics and real-time reporting to ensure you have the ability to monitor site visitors, funding activity, sign-up rates, conversion rates, and other important measurements.These powerful business intelligence tools ensure you can make informed business decisions to drive the profitability of your business.

    Investment Display

    Each investment has its own page to allow investors to access investment offering materials and review legal documents. Issuers can easily upload the opportunity and due diligence items such as property level financials, the proposed deal structures and business plans, draft investment documents including operating agreement, and information about the operating partner, that are displayed to investors.

    Investment Filtering

    In addition to the Search Investments function, investments can also be filtered by the status of the investment cycle as well as by investment category. Investment pages can also be accessed directly via the investment URL. Issuers can select the name of the investment page URL for easier marketability.

    Social Media Integrations

    To help projects gain exposure as quickly as possible, key social media and email integrations are embedded within the Katipult platform. Projects can be shared easily within these networks by clicking the respective icons displayed on the project page.

    Affiliate Marketing and Referrals

    Katipult has quick and easy invitation and sharing tools so that investors can invite their networks and create awareness for specific investment opportunities or investment updates via Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Email. These referrals are tracked by the Katipult system and viewable by the platform administrator and the referrer.


    To connect all the individuals that participate on your platform, Katipult’s community section acts like a corporate directory of sorts with pictures, personal bios, links to personal websites, and investment history. This module can be easily turned off for platforms that prefer privacy over social participation.

    Investment Offering Updates

    To keep investors informed and engaged, Katipult allows issuers to easily share offering updates and engage with investors in a dedicated updates section within the offering page. Post text updates, share pictures, and respond to investor questions.

    Document Management System

    Katipult has a Document Management System to manage investment offering documentation between investors and issuers including due diligence documents, tax and performance reporting, signed legal documents. All documents are accessible from the respective user dashboards.

    Compliance & Auditing

    Compliance related platform activity is documented and exportable by administrators to ensure complete and accurate files. Compliant process flows are inherent in the software for displaying investment opportunities, user onboarding, and payment facilitation to be reviewed by your legal counsel.

    Repayments & Earnings

    Katipult provides the tools to manage repayment schedules for investor servicing and allow investors to track earnings and better understand the return on their portfolio.

    Language and Currency

    Katipult can be localized to your market with multi-language and currency capabilities. Access new markets and gain exposure to international investors.

    Investment Offering Permissions

    Katipult’s user segments allow for the controlled display of investment offerings to investors based on compliance, geographic region, and status with your organization.


    To ensure optimal uptime and scalability of your platform, Katipult works with Amazon’s hosting services including its Elastic Beanstalk containers. These services are regarded as some of the best in the world.

    Third Party Integrations

    Katipult was built to integrate with third party software products including Accreditation, compliance, escrow, payment processing and payment distribution.