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Whether you’re a local developer or a well-established merchant bank needing to host hundreds of investment offerings simultaneously, Katipult works for you.

Private Solicitation Platform

Private Solicitation Platform

A platform that markets investment offerings to a private community or closed community of investors.

Public Solicitation Platform

Public Solicitation Platform

A platform that markets investment offerings to a public community or open community of investors (anyone).

Mixed Solicitation Platform

Mixed Solicitation Platform

A platform that markets investment offerings both privately and publicly – dependent on the compliance requirements of an investment offering and the investor permissions (accredited vs non accredited).

  • Investment Offering Type

    Investment Offering Type
    • Common equity
    • Warrants
    • Options
    • Preferred equity
    • Direct Asset Purchases
    • Convertible notes
    • First-mortgages
    • Mezzanine debt
    • Collateralized Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS)
    • A-notes
    • B-notes
    • C-notes
    • Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs)
    • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
    • Royalties
  • Regulatory Compliance & Crowdfunding Exemptions

    Regulatory Compliance & Crowdfunding Exemptions
    • Investment offering settings for minimum and maximum investments, and the number of investors per offering
    • Document management for regulatory reporting & filings i.e., Summary of Changes
    • Investment duration settings
    • Email and document storage requirements
    • Regional/Jurisdiction-specific compliance (United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Africa, Italy, France, among others)
    • United States: Regulation D offerings including 506c and 506b, Reg A+, Reg A, Title III, IntraState Crowdfunding Exemptions
    • Canada: Offering Memorandum exemptions, Crowdfunding exemptions, Accredited Investors
  • User Onboarding

    User Onboarding
    • Investor and Issuer signup forms
    • Multiple investor accreditation signup options (Self-accreditation, manual accreditation , 3rd party accreditation)
    • Identity verification
    • Investor qualification
    • Bad actor checks
    • Know Your Client (KYC)
    • Suitability Questionnaires
    • Issuer verification and anti-money laundering (AML) checks
    • Manageable user access with limited permission settings (Limited access for users; Special access for compliance officers and lawyers)
  • Financial Transactions & Payment Options

    Financial Transactions & Payment Options
    • Automated escrow and payment processing
    • ACH payment options
    • Multi-currency capability
    • Wire and Check options
    • Track and manage offline payments (traditional payment options)
    • Indicate interest on investment offerings
    • Commit funds on investment offerings
  • Platform Owner – Administrative Tools

    • Customizable interface (logo, brand colours, and images or your design)
    • Automated payment and escrow options
    • Account settings – sign up with FB and Linked
    • Home page with all projects on display
    • Customizable search filters
    • Content Management System
    • Community
    • Administrative capabilities – export a data to CSV
    • Automatic campaign email management tools
    • Project approval interface
    • Platform and Web Analytics – oversee and monitor all platform activity
    • Investment notifications
    • Investment recommendations
    • Social media integration
    • YouTube video integration
    • Document management system (Accreditation, financial payments, investment filings, compliance)
    • 100% Secured and Encrypted with Digicert
    • Third party application integrations
  • Issuer Tools

    • Project Setup Interface – capital raise, duration, etc.
    • User friendly investment dashboard
    • Video and Picture integration
    • Real-time project progress bar
    • Track received funds
    • Campaign updates
    • Track investor information
    • Automatic notifications
    • Campaign email updates
    • Customizable automated email confirmations
    • Email and online support
    • Built-in digital signatures
    • Document management system (Quarterly filings, compliance filings)
    • Investment Photo Gallery
    • Investment capital stack (capital structure)
    • Investment offering and documentation
    • Management team bios and experience
    • Investment updates
    • Tax returns
  • Investor Tools

    • Manage investment account
    • Invest in investment offerings
    • Anonymous contribution payment options
    • Share content with social media
    • Add comments and ask questions to project owners
    • Add investment offerings to Watch List
    • Built-in digital signatures
    • Investment reporting
    • Investment dashboard
    • Distribution tracking
  • Security

    • Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) infrastructure for the security certifications AWS
    • ISO 27001 certification
    • Ability for Level 1 service provider under the Payment Card Industry (PCI)
    • Data Security Standard (DSS)
    • Annual SOC 1 audits (Successfully evaluated at a moderate level for US Federal government systems as well as DIACAP 2 for US Department of Defence systems.)
    • 2048 bit EV SSL Certificates
    • Hosting


      Amazon’s hosting services including EC2, S3, and Elastic Beanstalk

    • Mobile responsive


      Mobile responsive

    • Integrations


      Katipult is integrated with many great 3rd party software products and can be integrated with any application using a software development API

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