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    From attracting investors to closing deals, Katipult brings your entire capital raise into one platform. The results? Less hassle, more control, and a great user experience. Request a live demo of Katipult’s investment crowdfunding, private placement, investor management, or listings software.

    Teaser Video 1 - User Signup

    Katipult has a built-in onboarding process to vet both investors and 3rd party issuers looking to raise capital. Both processes are unique, with the appropriate due diligence and compliance requirements depending on the platform region and nature of the business. In addition to user verification, our onboarding module assists in the creation of investor profiles, collects information for “Know your Client Suitability” such as investment preferences and risk adversity, and has a feedback mailing to communicate with users.

    Teaser Video 2 - Browsing Investments

    Investors can browse investment offerings by category and subcategory and review high level metric snapshots to better understand the quality of the investment. Each investment has its own offering page to allow investors to access investment offering materials and review legal documents, and proceed through a transaction process. The layout of these pages are dynamic and issuers can experiment with different looks and styles with engaging and media rich content.

    Teaser Video 3 - Editing an Offering

    To ensure you maintain control over the investment offerings displayed on your platform, Katipult has built in administrative capabilities regarding investment offering uploads and submissions, approvals, and publishing. Permitted issuers can easily upload the opportunity and due diligence items such as property level financials, the proposed deal structures and business plans, draft investment documents including operating agreement, and information about the operating partner, that are displayed to investors.