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Katipult provides powerful and easy-to-use tools to each stakeholder group.
Everything is cloud-based and designed for desktop and mobile use.

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Document Markup

A centralized and highly automated editor for compliance and syndication teams to ensure a compliant, error-free, and streamlined workflow across all distribution channels.

Set up a single PDF copy of the subscription document and have it auto-generated correctly for every investor, in a guided and fully compliant workflow.


  • Version Control
  • Auto-Sizing
  • Drag-And-Drop
Empower Your Compliance & Syndication Team
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Smart Forms

Auto-populated documentation with built-in smart logic to provide seamless experiences for investment advisors and investors.

Merge required information automatically into subscription documents and provide a guided workflow for the execution of signatures and initials, specific to each investor.

  • Multiple Investment Vehicles
    • Individual/Joint
    • Trust
    • Corporate
  • Investor Exemptions
    • $200K, $300K, $1MM, $5MM
    • International
    • Friends and Family

Real-Time Dashboards

Powerful dashboards that reflect key activities and metrics for each user group. Make informed decisions and drive engagement in real-time.

Set up specific dashboards for compliance, syndication, and investment advisors to provide a holistic view into each capital raise and insights of required action items.

  • User Activity
  • Real-Time Status
  • Alerts & Notifications
administrator dasboard
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Online Deal Marketplace

A centralized marketplace to showcase all private placements currently being offered from the firm. Increase awareness and accessibility to all stakeholder groups.

Create highly engaging deal pages for Investment Advisors to perform due diligence, and set up permissions to control which investment advisor teams can access deals.

  • Deal Rooms
  • Segmentation

Bulk Send Distribution

A highly efficient distribution tool for Investment Advisors to send subscription documents to investors for signature, and ensure error-free document execution.

Assign order allocations and have subscription documents auto-populated for every investor, and emailed for signature in a guided and fully compliant workflow.

  • Manage Allocations
  • Select Orders
  • Bulk Send
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Electronic Subscription Documents

Electronic Subscription

Digital distribution and seamless execution of subscription documents using Katipult’s proprietary document generation and electronic signature technology.

Investors can access auto-populated subscription documents via email and simply apply signatures and initials where required.

  • Auto-population
  • Document Generation
  • Electronic Signatures

Investor Onboarding

A fully integrated, digitized investor onboarding workflow to manage document submissions, ensure compliance, and automate KYC.

Manage investor onboarding approvals and renewals online, to improve the investor experience and streamline account openings.

  • KYC & Suitability
  • Digital “Smart” Forms
  • Approvals & Renewals
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Auto Invest

A powerful algorithm that enables investors the ability to pre-select their investment criteria upfront and automatically participate in matching deals. When the “auto invest” algorithm is triggered to make an investment based on the pre-selected criteria, funds are automatically deducted from the investor wallet into the appropriate account.

Set time horizon, risk profile, sector preference, maximum investment amounts, and more to achieve investment goals and asset allocation.

  • Conditional Logic Investment Algorithm
  • E-Wallets
  • Transaction Reports


A robust payment management system to schedule, complete, and track interest or dividend payments to investors in a seamless, highly automated process. Leverage repayment formulas to generate repayments from a centralized dashboard.

Formulas are standardized and included in the platform for all different types of investment instruments.

  • Flexible Repayment Formulas
  • Auto-Generated Payment Schedules
  • Fee and Penalty Management

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