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How Katipult helped Rodeo Capital get ahead of the pack as a leading private lending company in the US for the commercial real estate industry

At Rodeo Capital Inc. we value innovation and know that the strength of a platform is not limited by its technological features but by the team behind it. Therefore we seek to work with young and energetic people with their sights on the future that can provide us with a competitive edge.
Carlos Yanez
Art & Marketing Director

Name: Rodeo Capital

Industry: Commercial Real Estate Lending

Country: USA

Size: 11-50 employees

Challenge: Develop a new revenue stream while capitalizing on an existing project pipeline

Result: Building a foundation to bring the company ahead of the competition with a modern digital investment platform

We spoke with Carlos Yanez, Art & Marketing Director at Rodeo Capital, a direct lender specializing in commercial real estate bridge loans in the US.

Katipult: What was your biggest challenge you were trying to solve?

We were looking to develop a new revenue stream for Rodeo Capital Inc, capitalize on our existing project pipeline and expand our investor pool with fresh, web-savvy investors.


Katipult: Why did you choose Katipult?

Katipult’s team showed strong expertise and combined with the competitive pricing, we were certain that we made the right choice.


Katipult: What did you like the most about Katipult?

Team responsiveness. Always a phone or click away.


Katipult: What was the biggest benefit you’ve seen from using Katipult’s investment management & crowdfunding software?

We are confident we have a strong enough foundation to position ourselves ahead of the pack thanks to Katipult’s Real Estate Platform.


Katipult: What is the most useful feature or application of Katipult software?

Expandability & multi-role design. The ability to take into consideration the different needs of each user.


Katipult: What is the feature you are looking forward to in the future within the Katipult software?

The future is wild and we are looking forward to exploring crypto currency, instant investor verification, global reach, etc.


The Rodeo Capital Story

Rodeo Capital is one of the US leading private money lenders in the commercial real estate industry. It is dedicated to providing alternative financing and investing options to those that do not fit the conventional lending system within the real estate industry.

It was founded by entrepreneurs with extensive residential and commercial loan experience.

Company’s approach to private money lending is designed in a way to maximize the investment returns on attractive first position real estate loans. Rodeo Capital has a goal of building a secure, diverse, risk managed, portfolio in the US to help maximize returns and sustainable capital growth for the investors.

Rodeo Capital works closely with wealth advisors, family offices, institutional and accredited investors providing them with a transparent and studied real estate strategy.