FinTech Revolution Meets Commercial Real Estate

How Katipult software helped R2 replace a legacy system and optimize its operations

They key difference at R2 is our cutting-edge technology platform powered by Katipult software.
Chad Gemmell

Name: R2 Real Estate

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Country: Canada

Size: 11-50 employees

Challenge: Manual processes and a very archaic software program for managing back end operations

Result: Cutting-edge technology platform that meets our strict underwriting criteria

We spoke with Chad Gemmell, co-founder of R2, Canada's first online marketplace that connects property owners/developers with property investors, to learn how R2 revolutionized the commercial real estate industry in Canada with Katipult Real Estate Investment Management & Crowdfunding Software.

R2 is Canada’s first online marketplace offering institutional quality real estate investment opportunities to high net worth and retail investors.

Chad: We allow people to invest into high quality commercial real estate deals, both income- producing and also ground- up development deals. Presenting deal information and communicating with investors is critical to what we do at R2. We integrate technology into every aspect of our business.

We used to spend a lot of time managing spreadsheets and uploading that information into a very archaic software program.

With Katipult as our partner we can offer real estate investments that meet our strict underwriting criteria, all under the regulatory framework of the various securities commissions across Canada.

They key difference at R2 is our cutting- edge technology platform.