Building the Future of Property Investing

How Katipult’s real estate investment software helped Property Bridges reshape property finance in Ireland

Katipult empowers entrepreneurs by developing a market leading solution with a low initial cost.
David Jelly

Name: Property Bridges

Industry: Peer to Peer Real Estate (Property Investing)

Country: Ireland

Size: 2-10 employees

Challenge: Finding a cost-effective technology to capitalize on an exciting business opportunity

Result: Market leading property investment solution that adheres to regulatory compliance, without overspending

We spoke with David Jelly, cofounder of Property Bridges, a property investing platform based in Ireland with a goal of reshaping property finance in Ireland and kick-start Irish homebuilding industry with fresh capital.

Katipult: What was your biggest challenge you were trying to solve?

Until recently, the loans to the construction sector in Ireland have been restricted to banks and institutional investors. Following the downturn and the recession, a lot of traditional lenders pulled out of the market, causing a massive undersupply of the capital to the construction industry.

We wanted to change that by leveraging technology and peer to peer finance model to make property finance faster, reliable, transparent and more efficient.


Katipult: Why did you choose Katipult?

I needed a highly professional solution, that would incorporate a sophisticated and secure backend. To build that from scratch would have cost a lot more than Katipult SaaS solution.


Katipult: What was the biggest benefit you’ve seen from using Katipult’s investment management & crowdfunding software?

I liked how fast the Katipult team was able to deliver a highly professional platform.


Katipult: What did you like the most about Katipult?

The SaaS model is the most attractive thing about Katipult.


Katipult: What is the most useful feature or application of Katipult software?

No one feature, I think it's the sophisticated back end that has been continually improved over time. Building a website from scratch to match Katipult would be timely and expensive.


Katipult: What is the feature you are looking forward to in the future within the Katipult software?

I am excited about blockchain capabilities and crypto investing, as well the features that make the sign up process more seamless, such as mobile KYC.


The Property Bridges Story

After the crash of 2008, the founders of Property Bridges were looking for a way to fix the problem in the Irish construction market caused by the withdrawal of traditional lenders from the market. The lack of capital led to the property construction market being severely underfinanced resulting in the housing crisis in Ireland.

Property Bridges also wanted to give the individual investors an access to the property market in Ireland, formerly available only to institutional investors and high net worth investors.

The aim of the company is to connect the individual Irish investors with reputable and experienced property developers and give them the access to high yielding asset-backed securities. in order to make property financing faster, reliable and more efficient.