Swift Launch of an Investment Platform for Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) funds

How Katipult helped CAPFUNDR bring their Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) funds online

Katipult’s easy to use software allowed us to quickly get to market and launch a working platform to begin raising capital and managing investors. We really enjoyed working with their team because they knew what pain points exist in the industry and they solved them really well.
Mirza Joldic
Founder & Chief Technology Officer - CAPFUNDR

Name: CAPFUNDR | CapitalFund Realty, Inc.

Industry: Real Estate Crowdfunding

Country: USA

Size: 2-10 employees

Challenge: Getting to market quickly with a solution that could handle the unique investment fund structures

Result: A swift launch of an investment platform levering US regulation 506c that is ahead of the competition

We spoke with Mirza Joldic, Founder & CTO of CAPFUNDR a real estate crowdfunding platform led by some of the most prominent industry experts, about their Katipult platform.

Katipult: What was your biggest challenge you were trying to solve?

CAPFUNDR: We were trying to get our crowdfunding platform up and running as quickly as possible. We wanted to get to market quickly.


Katipult: Why did you choose Katipult?

CAPFUNDR: We looked at several other platforms at the time and ultimately went with Katipult because we felt that the platform was ahead of everyone else. Doug (Doug McLean, Katipult’s CTO) and Brock (Brock Murray, Katipult’s CEO) really knew their stuff, provided much more detail about their platform and  answered all our questions.


Katipult: What was the biggest benefit you’ve seen from using Katipult’s investment management & crowdfunding software?

CAPFUNDR: We were able to launch a working product and begin raising capital for our funds quickly.


Katipult: What did you like the most about Katipult?

CAPFUNDR: The team behind the platform because they knew what pain points exist in the industry and they solved it really well. They were also willing to work with us to add new features to the platform such as custom scripts.


Katipult: What is the most useful feature or application of Katipult software?

CAPFUNDR: The most useful feature in my opinion was the addition of custom blade templates. It allowed me, as a technical person, to go in and make heavy customizations on the platform.



CAPFUNDR is the curated real estate fund marketplace that provides institutional private real estate funds access to the individual investors with smaller investing minimums.

The firm is an online investment platform that directly distributes real estate funds to individuals and wealth managers.

CAPFUNDR leverages Katipult technology to eliminate the high upfront fees and dis-intermediate the brokers.

Thanks to the Katipult investment management and crowdfunding software, CAPFUNDR is able to efficiently and cost-effectively scale their customer growth and tap into the $4.4 trillion market.